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Department of General Medicine or Internal Medicine has senior consultants with many years of experience and clinical aptitude to handle complicated multi- systemic disorders. The Internists are in-charge of TOTAL PATIENT CARE and manages more than 3000 patients on a regular follow-up. They analyze the various problems of the patient in order of priority, gets help from the various organ specialists as indicated, and then decides on and implements the management strategy that would be best for the patient. The Doctor (Internist) also counsels the patient and family.

A complete range of lab services round-the-clock supports the unit. It also takes care of immuno-compromised patients (HIV).

Transfusion Medicine

The emphasis in this department is on hygienic and infection free blood transfusion. The Department of Transfusion Medicine (Blood Bank) is a full fledged, 24 hour, support service catering to cardiac surgeries, transplant programmes, oncology, gynecology, obstetric cases etc. Each unit of blood and blood component is tested for HIV, Hepatitis B, Hepatitis C, Syphilis and Malaria.

Transfusion Medicine deals with the transfusion of compatible blood and its components. It also involves the study of blood groups, blood requirement of patients and thereby providing safe transfusion for the needy patients. Transfusion services at Jedaani Hospitals serve as a Referral Centre for various immuno hematological problems. The Department stresses on component therapy, wherein the patient is given only the deficient component, as a result there is optimum utilization of blood.

Other services include:

  • Investigation of ABO / RH incompatibility
  • Detection of anti A & anti B antibodies
  • Detection of phenotypes and genotypes of Rh system


Rheumatology is the division of medicine, which deals with the diagnosis and treatment of Rheumatic disorders. This involves taking a detailed history and examination, followed by relevant investigations, of a patient with a possible rheumatological problem, leading to an accurate diagnosis and appropriate treatment.

Respiratory Medicine 

The department of Respiratory Medicine offers a range of services that have come up recently and have been found to be of great importance in the proper and precise care and treatment of respiratory disorders in patients today.

The respiratory medicine specialists diagnose and treat disease involving the lungs, chronic and acute respiratory illness and conditions including acute and chronic respiratory failure, sepsis, asthma, environmental and occupational pulmonary diseases, lung cancer and tuberculosis. 

Some of the modes of treatment available at our hospital are:  

  • Bronchoscopy

  • Pulmonary Function Test (PFT)

  • Arterial Blood Gas Analysis (ABGA)

  • Nebulizer Therapy

  • Flexible fibreoptic bronchoscope


The department of Gastroenterology and liver services has the input of the best medical and surgical gastroenterologists with extensive experience in India and abroad.

Interventional Endoscopy relating to the biliary tract and management of complications of portal hypertension, in addition to esophageal and rectal dilation, colonic polypectomics and the placement of feeding gastrotomies, esophageal stents continues to expand and comprises a greater percentage of the total endoscopy work of the department.

The other facilities extended by the department are :

  • ERCPs ( both diagnostic and therapeutic ) including Sphincterotomies, Stone extraction, Insertion of Endoprothesis
  • 24 hours service for acute bleeds and acute liver failure.
  • Comprehensive work up in chronic liver diseases leading to liver transplant assessment
  • Serological assessment for Hepatitis A, B, C, D and E.

Surgical Gastroenterology:

Surgical Gastroenterology is a full-fledged department with the laparoscopic surgical facilities. The department deals with all the diseases of the entire digestive tract, besides Liver, Gall bladder, and the Pancreas.

The department is keeping pace with the current trends in the diagnosis and treatment of all surgical problems related to digestive tract. The services offered by the department includes

  • Drainage of pancreatic pseudo cyst H.S.V. & G.J.
  • Surgery for Oesophageal Stricture
  • Surgery for Hydatid disease
  • Surgery for achalasia cardia
  • Surgery for various liver cysts
  • Surgery for Hiatus Hernia
  • Total gastrectomy with Roux-En-Y Loop
  • Radical resections for cancer of the Bowel
  • Pouch surgery for inflammatory bowel disease
  • Management of intestinal fistulae

Dietetics and Nutrition 

The Department of Dietetics and Nutrition at Jedaani, provides disease specific nutritional support to each patient. Dieticians help the patient understand the nature of the disease and how a customized diet can improve his health status. The department undertakes nutritional assessment, planning and research of

  • Cardiac status after PTCA, CABG
  • Cancer nutritional status assessment, management after chemotherapy, radiation and surgery
  • Nutritional care before and after dialysis
  • Specific therapeutic diets planned for diabetes, hypertension and other diseased conditions.

The department works in association with the Food Services Department. The department also conducts educational programs on the role of nutrition and nutritional workshops for obesity, diabetes, occupational health, women health, geriatrics etc.

Available Doctors

          1.Dr. Ibrahim Mohammed Ali
          2.Dr. Eman Sarhan
          3.Dr. Essam Al Banna
          4.Dr. Mohammed Mamoon
          5.Dr. Sameer Ismail
          6.Dr. Medhat Mohammed Al mahdi
          7.Dr. Mohammed Emad






















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