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The Special blessings of “Allah” on us and all the hard work of our staff that help us to be recognized as one of the most valuable medical institution of Jeddah. We are thankful to all customers for their trust and support over the years, without them, it would have been difficult for us to get ourselves established as a reputed private hospital in the region. 

We are widely recognized for our experienced team of doctors represented by specialist and consultants belonging to various medical equipments to provide best possible service at the most feasible rates. 

Our vision is to provide quality medical care to the public. 

Our mission is to serve the people by our continuous medical services, to make it a healthy living environment. 

We are in continuous efforts of upgrading our staff and machine to save every single human life.

  Contact :
  P.O.Box 7500 Jeddah 21462, Saudi Arabia,
  Tel +966-2-6368100, Fax +966-2-6360352 ,
 e-mail us