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New Al Jedaani Hospital (NJH) is a privately owned secondary health care center placed in the southern area near industrial city of jeddah. NJH has provided health care for last 25 years, since it become serviceable in the year 1978.NJH is dedicated to provide excellent health care services in a financial based manner to all age group and both gender in Jeddah.NJH is the first hospital of its kind, committed to provide customer satisfaction by entrusting our best services.NJH is continuously training its employees and applying recent international plan of quality control for the treatment of the patient.NJH aspires to meet the highest possible standards and level of EFFICIENCY.

  Contact :
  P.O.Box 7500 Jeddah 21462, Saudi Arabia,
  Tel +966-2-6368100, Fax +966-2-6360352 ,
 e-mail us